AXETRIX is proud to be the distributor for these one off, custom, hand  finished, guitars.

Designed with the musician in mind, these works of art are as playable as they are beautiful. 

Whether on stage, or displayed on a wall, these classic instruments are sure to be conversation starters in any setting. If you’re a musician looking to break out of the same old “everyone has one of those” mold, and would like a design to meet your specific requirements, we will work one on one with you to create the perfect instrument  to meet all your specific needs. 


And best of all, our prices won't break the bank! 


If you're a business owner looking to brand your company with something unique,  we can design a guitar around your logo or product. What Orange County Choppers did with motorcycles, we can do with these custom, one of a kind, made just for you, guitars.  


Our designer/builder is Mariano Del Duca, a native of Naples, Italy, who came to America in 1982.


A guitar player from the age of 9, his first "modification" came at age 14, when his Fender Mustang fell out the back of the band van as they arrived at their gig.  The rest is history!


After achieving a 4 Star Michelin rating as a top restaurateur in Southern Florida, Del Duca decided it was time to continue the pursuit of his true passion, guitars.  Moving his family to the Atlanta area in 2012, he has been working on some of the most unique, custom design's the industry has ever witnessed.  With over 700 one off designs to date, Del Duca continues to push the envelop and imagination of what creativity and innovation can be in guitar design. 


With a current client list that includes Hank Marvin, Joe Perry, Vernon Reid, (the guy from Manfred Mann?), Bernard Allisson, to name a few, Del Duca's custom's set the bar in what is possible in guitar innovation and design.


"Built from dreams, aesthetically stunning, total players."

With prices starting at only $850.00*, these are well with in anyone's budget.

Please contact us at: Info@AXETRIX.com for pricing and design.

(* $850.00 is a starting point for a base, customized guitar.  Prices will vary based on manufacturer, hardware, amount of customization, color, etc)

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"Built From Dreams. Aesthetically Stunning. Total Players." 

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